Student - April 24, 2014


The story so far: In a fit of jealousy Willem-Jan lied to Filippo, telling him that Bianca had an STD. Then Bianca found out.

‘What’s this supposed to be?’ Willem-Jan wrinkled his nose and stared at the heap on his plate.
‘Rice with string beans and tempeh marinated in sweet soy sauce,’ said Vera proudly as she slid the next plate towards Filippo.
‘So where’s the meat?’
‘It’s something different for a change. Tempeh is supposed to be a good meat alternative.’
‘No meat? And what exactly is tempeh?’
‘Fermented soya beans. It’s full of protein and fibre and it’s a natural antibiotic,’ reeled off Vera.
‘Gross! I’m not eating that!’ Willem-Jan pushed his plate away. Bianca’s silence was noticeable. She hadn’t said a word to Willem-Jan in days. Vera followed suit and carried on serving as if she hadn’t heard Willem-Jan. ‘I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Meat is so unreliable, unhealthy and bad for animal welfare and the environment that I...’
‘You mean we’re going to get this every time you cook?’ interrupted Willem-Jan. ‘I’m not going to sit here and eat rabbit food!’
Filippo watched the developing row uncomprehendingly. ‘What’s the problem?’
‘We are eating rabbit food,’ growled Willem-Jan.
‘Hmm, tasty, Vera,’ attempted Derk. ‘It’s always good to eat something healthy. Some people just won’t stick their neck out and try something new. Don’t take any notice.’
‘You don’t have to be such a dick about it,’ said Bianca unexpectedly. ‘I don’t like it either.’ She smiled sweetly at Willem-Jan and taking his plate and her own, she headed for the kitchen. He seemed relieved to find support, and immediately stopped protesting.
Clinking sounds issued from the kitchen and the smell of fried meat wafted through the room. A little later Bianca returned and set down a steaming plate in front of Willem-Jan. ‘Bon appetite,’ she whispered and he smiled gratefully. Delightedly, he regarded the goulash sitting next to his tempeh stew and started at once to eat. No, it wasn’t really tasty, but he was so glad Bianca had apparently forgiven him that he would have eaten anything. He even ate a second portion, albeit with some difficulty. Bianca evidently wasn’t so taken with it; the meat stew lay untouched on her plate.
‘Aren’t you eating your goulash?’ Willem-Jan asked her a little while later.
‘Goulash?’ she laughed spitefully. ‘No, that’s cat food.’