Science - October 27, 2016


The fringe lichen Wageningen student Koen Verhoogt found at his flat on the Haarweg turned out to be the hundred millionth recording sent to the Dutch National Databank on Flora and Fauna. Worth a prize: an excursion and a book of his choice. The T-shirt Verhoogt received suggests the nature lovers’ club doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Good news for future residents of Mars: they are unlikely to suffer from homesickness. NASA research on mice shows that cosmic radiation affects the brain severely, leading to memory loss and dementia. You are subjected to this radiation on the way to Mars particularly. So by the time you get there you won’t remember how nice it was back home.

Drink test

Researchers in California have developed a chop that can measure alcohol in sweat. The chip, integrated into a kind of tattoo, sends the result to your smartphone within eight minutes. Handy for at the pub. The researchers hope their gadget will reduce the number of road accident victims. Idea: forward the result to your partner. Or the police.


Fluid lost by sweating can be replaced just as easily with beer as with water, shows Wageningen research. The dehydrating effect widely attributed to beer was not observed. But do drink that beer in moderation: there’s more to it than water, you know.