Science - October 12, 2017

Sustainable food sales go up most in supermarkets

Albert Sikkema

Last year consumers in the Netherlands spent 26 percent more on sustainable food than in 2015. The food in question was mainly organic products and those with a ‘Better Life’ label. Sales went up most in supermarkets, says Wageningen Economic Research in the Sustainable Food Monitor.


Residents of the Netherlands spent 3.7 billion euros on sustainably produced food last year, the institute calculated on the basis of figures from the Central Bureau for Statistics, WUR, Foodstep and Bionext. This doubled the turnover of food with the Better Life label. This ‘halfway house’ between conventional and organic products was the most popular label, with a turnover of about 1.1 billion euros This brings Better Life close to the turnover figures in the organic sector.

Specialist retailers of sustainable food have not profited from the extra demand for sustainable food, notes Wageningen Economic Research. It was in the supermarkets that ‘sustainable’ sales rose the most.