News - November 11, 2011

Sustainability debate flops

11-11-11, sustainability day.

Wageningen UR jumps on the bandwagon and organizes a debate for students in the Forum. The turnout is low.
It is recess time and pretty busy in the Forum. A skit is performed to attract attention and draw students to take part in the debate. A good try, but this approach fails to achieve the desired effect. Students remain seated with their backs to the stage. Why? 'We are in a hurry to finish our report; that has more priority at this moment.' Repeated calls asking people to step up to the podium to take part in the debate fall on deaf ears. Almost half the seats remain empty.
Peter Booman, director of Facilities Services, did not expect otherwise. 'It's always a small group which takes part actively. We want this debate to bring out the awareness of the student unawares. Anyway, it's better than doing nothing at all.' During the debate, the public continues to stay away, even though 'it is nicer than a lecture', comments an observer.  'It is a good thing to draw attention to sustainability,' someone says, 'but I don't have to take part in a debate myself.' Another student: 'I don't know anything about this, so I'm just sitting here to eat.'
Vegetable burger
The lunch catered by Albron does not have any meat today. Meat does not feature within the sustainability framework. To the disapproval of some. 'It's rubbish,' someone says. 'Human beings are omnivores and I just feel like having a meat croquette.' Not today, unfortunately. But Albron has provided alternatives. Such as a vegetable burger. Thumbs up from a vegetarian customer: 'As far as I'm concerned, they can do this every Friday; it's a good initiative.'
The entire debate can be watched at