News - February 23, 2017

Sugar water

Rinsing the mouth with sugar water improves running performance. This remarkable conclusion was drawn by researchers at the university of Georgia. Trained runners finished a course of 13 kilometres five percent faster– about three minutes on average. All they had to do was to rinse their mouths eight time during the race. No need to swallow.

This wonder cure does not work if there are artificial sweeteners in the water instead of sugars. A sweet taste alone is not sufficient. Scientists think rinsing with sugar water – which always leads to some of the sugar being absorbed by the body – stimulates reward centres in the brain which are also involved in muscle control.


Forty percent of the French will walk through a red light, as opposed to two percent of the Japanese. This finding comes from a study by the University of Strasbourg on pedestrian behaviour is Strasbourg and Nagoya. So are more of the French colour blind? No, say the researchers. The Japanese are conformist and the French are not. So the question is: are you a Frenchie or more Japanese?


Bald men mainly have their mothers to thank for it, says a genetic study of male baldness by the University of Edinburgh. The researchers found 287 genetic regions which play a role in baldness. Most of them are found on the X chromosome, which men get from their mothers.