Organisation - October 19, 2015

Students with disabilities are satisfied.

Koen Guiking

Wageningen University is better at meeting the needs of students with disabilities than other Dutch universities. This was found in research performed by Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (C.H.O.I.; Center for higher education information) commissioned by the foundation Handicap + Studie (Disability + Study).

The University in Wageningen scored higher in every component compared to other universities, shown in the report that was published on the 15th of October ‘Studying with a disability’. This is not new. Earlier messages on intranet of the Wageningen UR show that the university has been leading the ranking at least since 2008.

The C.H.O.I. notes that the share of students with a disability has increased in the past five years from 6.5 percent to 9.4 percent. A reason for this increase was not provided. Moreover, the Wageningen University has been reporting for years that a small ten percent of the students have a limitation. The most common disability are dyslexia, concentration problems and ADHD.

From the report ‘Studying with a disability’ it was also found that, in contrast to previous years, the supervision at colleges is almost just as good as at universities.