News - December 1, 2016

Students set new world record Monopoly (video)

Wageningen students have set a new record for the board game Monopoly. The well-known family game was played on a life-sized board for over half an hour. The dimensions of the gameboard were sufficient to break the previous record.

Mayor Geert van Rumund kicks off the record attempt (photo: Vincent Koperdraat)

Who is playing Monopoly on the world’s largest board? That was the theme of this record. The previous record was in the hands of a school in California since last January. They had played the game on a 744 square metres board.

Big, bigger, biggest
The task set before the Wageningen students who were present on the running track next to the sports centre De Bongerd was simple: play the game for at least half an hour on a bigger gameboard. An important detail was that the board needs to be an official edition of the game. ‘No custom designs or other fancy fabrications’, says Jack Brockbank, an official from Guinness World Records. This meant that you could see tokens walking around with an iron, a real dog had been arranged, and players had to throw large dice to be allowed to walk. After half an hour of playing, Brockbank announced that the gameboard in Wageningen is 900 square metres in size: plenty to snatch the world record.

Organiser Janneke Sloet van Oldruitenborgh is happy with the result. Although many things were arranged by Hasbro, the publishers of Monopoly, it was still quite a bit of work for the students. ‘It’s not like you just unpack a board. These were large plates that needed to be connected. We had also arranged for music and hosts, and – not to forget – ‘Mr. Monopoly’. Factually, we organised the entire logistics part, which was quite a challenge.’

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  • Edwin van Laar (redactie)

    Point taken. Ere wie ere toekomt natuurlijk.

  • Bravo

    Komen Wageningse studenten in het nieuws, is het niet om hun wetenschappelijke of maatschappelijke prestaties, maar omdat ze een potje monopoly hebben gespeeld -.- Nou goed gedaan hoor

    • Zo kan het ook

      Beter dan studenten in Groningen, Amsterdam of Leiden die alleen maar in het nieuws komen door achterlijke dingen te doen of ontgroeningsexcessen.

  • Hamkaas

    Haha, doet een studentenvereniging iets leuks en komt daarmee positief in het nieuws, wordt er door Resource opeens gesproken over "Wageningse studenten" en "organisator Janneke". Waar zijn nu de chocoladeletters die we gewend zijn als het verhalen over de introductietijd betreft?

  • protserige paap

    "Circus-club speelt spelletje"

  • Verbaasd

    Ere wie ere toekomst? Een vermelding van W.S.V. Ceres (organisatie) lijkt me niet meer dan normaal.

  • Verbaasd

    Ere wie ere toekomt? Een vermelding van W.S.V. Ceres (organisatie) lijkt me niet meer dan normaal.