News - March 16, 2016

Students search for smart solutions for fishery

Albert Sikkema

Student group Circular Economy Wageningen will spend a day brainstorming on utilization of substandard fish which the Dutch fishermen now need to port. They are inviting fellow students to come with creative solutions.

Due to new EU legislation, since the 1st of January fishermen may no longer throw their bycatch overboard. They need to land their bycatch, existing of substandard fish, but are not allowed to sell this fish to the food market. With this the port obligation creates a recycling issue.

The Wageningen student group Circular Economy Wageningen (CEW) wants to search for a solution so that all the bycatch of the fishermen is given value. You could process the fish waste to fish feed or livestock feed, says the initiator Ruben Cornelissen, but he calls students to come with creative and surprising applications during a hackathon – a structured brainstorm meeting. Students can exchange their ideas with experts and advisers from the fishing sector. CEW organizes this meeting on 31 March, together with Food Valley NL.

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Circular Economy Wageningen

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