News - November 9, 2006

Students publish rebellious Resource

This week the Wageningen Student Organisation (WSO) and Progressive Students’ Fraction (PSF) distributed an alternative English-language Wageningen UR newspaper: Rebel Resource. The students intend to publish the newspaper every week until Resource regains its ‘full editorial independence’.

In their mission statement, the editors of Rebel Resource demand that the Executive Board takes responsibility for the 'censorship it has imposed’ on Resource, and that the censorship is withdrawn. In its present form, Resource is according to the authors ‘one of the many unfortunate results of the unhappy marriage between WU and DLO research institutes’.
In accordance with the agreements made with the Executive Board, Resource, the successor to Wb since August, focuses more on opinion and background reporting. In the new setup, intranet is the first source of organisational news.

Rebel editor and WSO president, Diederik van der Loo, is not happy about the state of affairs. ‘We want independent reporting on management issues. No one wants just fair-weather stories; we also want to read about things that are not going well. Added to that, the intranet is not yet functioning properly. They promise something, and immediately start pulling the rug out from under your feet. We find this very damaging.’ The students’ initiative is receiving wide support, he says. ‘All student associations have indicated that they support our move.’

Head of communication Viola Peulen was not prepared to comment on the content of Rebel Resource. ‘We are very surprised by the initiative, as we already had a meeting planned for later this month with the students to discuss their criticism. It appears there are misunderstandings about the agreements made concerning Resource, and we want to set these right in the meeting.’ / Gert van Maanen