News - June 29, 2018

Students of WUR the most satisfied with their degree programmes

Luuk Zegers

When compared to students from other large universities, WUR students are the most satisfied with their degree programmes. This information comes from the results of the National Student Survey conducted by Studiekeuze123.

© Sven Menschel

In the National Student Survey (NSE), students provide their opinions on their degree programmes, the university, lecturers, facilities, and more. They do this using a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is ‘very dissatisfied’ and 5 is ‘very satisfied’. On average, Wageningen students gave their study programmes a 4.26 in comparison to the national average of 4.05. The only university that scored better is the Theological University Apeldoorn (4.63), a small institution with roughly 150 students.

WUR students are also pleased with the general atmosphere in the degree programme: 4.39 compared to 4.14 nationally. However, there was a small decrease in comparison to last year.

Better connection with professional practice
Satisfaction with regard to work placement and preparation for professional practice is on the rise: ‘Role of course management in internships’ increased from 3.41 to 3.52, ‘Experience gained through internships’ went from 4.05 to 4.17, and ‘Preparation for professional career’ moved up from 3.62 to 3.81. Satisfaction with study facilities dropped from 3.99 to 3.93.

Wageningen scored higher than the national average in all categories. In Table 2, the satisfaction per theme is shown and compared to the national average.

Students outside Forum © Sven Menschel