News - July 2, 2020

Students back in rush hour

Luuk Zegers

As of September, students will be allowed to travel in the rush hour again, the cabinet announced last week.

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From 15 June, lessons have had to take place between 11:00 and 15:00 or after 20:00. Students still have a right to travel but the idea is that if classes only start at 11:00, most students will not be getting the train or bus at 8:30.
But the current time slot is far too restrictive for high-quality education, say the rectors of 15 universities. The cabinet is now meeting their demands for an extension of the hours, but it also says academic and applied universities in the same locality must coordinate their timetables so that not all classes start at the same time.
The new chair of the national student union LSVb Lyle Muns called this an important step. Students and staff will still need to keep a distance of 1.5 metres. That will lead to a shortage of space in many buildings, and not all students will be able to attend classes at the same time.
Epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning thinks tailored solutions are possible: ‘Packed lecture halls are not an option but you could have a practical for a small group without keeping strictly to the 1.5 metre rule.’

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