News - February 24, 2016

Students are missing the grass

Recently benches were placed on the south side of Forum. However, when the university promoted this on Facebook it caused commotion. According to many students the grass was already the ideal place to sit.

Foto: Elike Wijnheijmer

‘It is a shame that the grass was removed’, Maud Moes wrote. ‘Farewell grass, we loved you’, Jimmy van Rijn responded. ‘On the grass you could sit everywhere, now there is not enough room for everyone’, according to Maddie Grondin. These are just a few of the negative reactions. People were questioning out loud why the university of Life Sciences is investing in grey instead of green.

Simon Vink reacted as spokesman of the university that the campus will remain green. He admitted that the campus currently looks a bit bare. However, there are many other projects that will ensure the green character of the campus. Not everyone was convinced by this reaction, because the square in front of Forum was the favourite place of many students. Especially on warm sunny days the grass was full with students.

Besides, not all the reactions were negative. ‘It will no longer be muddy when it rains’, Jan Gall responded. ‘It looks stylish and there is still enough grass left’, Bart Mesman shared.

Elike Wijnheijmer, head of campus design, emphasizes that the students regularly use the benches, while temperatures are not spring like yet. Wijnheijmer explains that they have thoroughly considered the plans of the square. From multiple surveys it was found that students particularly wanted more places to sit on campus, she says. ‘The square offers a nice central location that can also be used for the desired second-hand markets. The benches can also be used with the popular barbecues.’ According to her they also kept the people that wished to sit on the grass in mind. ‘Previously the grass around the pond was rough, now this will be kept shorter so that students can sit there. They only need to walk a bit further.’