News - May 30, 2013

Students and rector disagree on evening exams

The student council and rector magnificus clashed last week on the issue of new Education and Examination Regulations (the OER). The council does not want to approve the document yet because of the introduction of evening exams.

Because of the pressure on facilities the university wants to have the possibility to hold exams in the evenings. This would only be done in exceptional cases: about 10 to 12 courses per period next academic year.
According to the student council, students are opposed to the introduction of evening exams. The council argues that students often have other commitments in the evenings and are also not at their sharpest at that time of day. The council members want the university to do its best to find other solutions. 'Ten to twelve courses per period soon affects 600 students. That is quite a number,' says student council member Wouter-Jan van Roosmalen (VeSte). 'Of course we would rather see the facilities being expanded, but you could also consider holding exams at the Dreijen, spreading exam groups over several smaller rooms or looking for accommodation off-site.'
Last resort
Martin Kropff explains that the university prefers to solve its space problems internally. 'Renting space elsewhere in Wageningen and setting up the wherewithal to run exams is very expensive. The evening exams are really meant to be a last resort and not a standard option. Staff are not keen to invigilate in the evenings either.' He warned that if the council does not support the plan, exams might be scheduled during the revision week. The student council members emphasize that they would like to reach an agreement with the university on this. 'But because student numbers keep on growing,' says Wouter-Jan, 'we are afraid that this last resort will be used more and more often. Once we give it our blessing there is no way back.'