News - March 10, 2016

Student writes book about losing weight

Linda van der Nat

He watched his mother struggling with her weight and he wanted to help. That is how third-year student of Nutrition and Health Rens Stokman came to write his book Dietless.

The book is 100 pages long and cost him six months of student life. ‘I frequently got up at six o’clock to start writing. I still went to a party now and then but most days I went to bed early.’

Watching his mum, Rens Stokman saw how hard it can be to lose weight. ‘And how incredibly discouraging it can be to find yourself back at your former weight after a while.’ In his degree programme in Nutrition and Health, Rens has already learned a lot about nutrition and physiology. For his book read up on psychology and behaviour change as well. The latter, he is convinced, is the key to permanent weight loss. ‘Have you heard of ego depletion? That means that it gets harder to make sensible decisions the more demanding your day has been. Your body uses up glucose when you make difficult decisions, but at the end of the day that glucose is finished. That makes it harder to choose something healthy to eat when you get home because a pizza is so tempting and so quick. My book is all about making a habit of healthy eating so that it becomes easy to make good choices.’

These insights are not new, acknowledges Rens. ‘But it is not general knowledge. A lot of people know that they need to change their behaviour but they don’t know how to go about it.’

Dietless will be published on 13 March. For the first two days it can be downloaded free from the Amazon Kindle Store via