News - January 14, 2016

Student organizations wary of evening lectures

Koen Guiking

Student organizations are afraid that Wageningen will become a much less attractive choice of university if it introduces evening lectures. This is clear from an informal survey by student party VeSte.

Photo: Sven Menschel

‘We presented the statements we collected from 45 student organizations to rector magnificus Arthur Mol before Christmas,’ says VeSte chair Nick van Nispen. In the accompanying letter, VeSte calls on the executive board to scrap the introduction of evening classes.

Associations are afraid that far fewer students will take part in their activities and that their popularity and incomes will go down. Without these associations student do less socializing, writes VeSte in a letter to the rector. And that has ‘negative consequences, from falling grades to, in extreme cases, depression’.  It will also lead to students being ‘forced to choose between their studies and extra-curricular activities, which is bad for their social development,’ adds VeSte. And if students no longer have time to serve on association boards or committees and organize activities, Wageningen will become a much duller town, warns the student party in its letter to the directors.

Student sports associations said that many training sessions start before 20.00 and choirs and orchestras also mentioned that they rehearse in the evenings.’