News - September 5, 2019

Student magazine The Jester now online too

Luuk Zegers

The Jester, a magazine founded by students, can now be read online. The first issue of the magazine appeared in June in a print run of 650 copies.

© The Jester

A jester is ‘someone who criticizes the king, but uses humour to do so,’ says David de Winter, one of the students behind the magazine. ‘The idea is that The Jester should be critical and nuanced, but with a smile.’

The magazine was originally a project of the RUW Foundation, whose mission is ‘to bring life to science’. ‘We want to produce a creative learning environment in which students can develop and communicate their ideas,’ says De Winter. Nine students worked on the first Jester, writing articles or drawing cartoons.

'House it going?' by Dominique Rooks

The contributions discuss such subjects as room shortages in Wageningen, books written by WUR president Louise Fresco and the history behind Liberation Day in Wageningen (5 May). There is also an interview with Wageningen’s city poet.

New articles will be posted regularly on

‘We also plan to publish a new issue three or four times a year,’ says De Winter.

The editorial staff of student magazine The Jester