News - September 7, 2006

Student enrolment numbers rise again

All branches of Wageningen UR are expected to attract more students this year than last. At the start of September there were 1002 students registered at Van Hall Larenstein, 75 more than last year. Wageningen University has had 588 enrolments for BSc degrees, up from 530 last year.

The enrolment figures for the MSc programmes at Wageningen University are difficult to compare with last year’s figures due to a change in the registration procedure, but the university is expecting an increase in enrolments: 345 foreign MSc students, which is over 50 more than last year.

At the Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) colleges it is the big influx from Germany that is noticeable. Forty German students have enrolled in Leeuwarden, and the Equine Leisure and Sports programme at Larenstein-Wageningen has also attracted forty German students. VHL ran a recruitment campaign in Germany last year.

At Wageningen University it looks as though Nutrition and Health is going to overtake Biology to become the biggest degree course. By 1 September there were 70 first-year nutrition students in the university database, against 69 biologists. Animal Sciences is in third place with 64 new enrolments.

At the VHL university of professional education the enrolment figures are positive as well. The nature and land management programmes in Velp have had 384 enrolments, 25 more than last year. The course on Landscape Architecture has grown considerably, from 137 first-years in 2005 to 170 this year. The growth is believed to be due to the new specialisation on landscape gardening.

The Animal Management programme in Leeuwarden has also grown as a result of a late spurt in enrolments in August, including the forty Germans. The number of Dutch student enrolments has fallen, but Animal Management is still the biggest programme at Wageningen UR, with 226 first-year students.

The growth in Leeuwarden is also due to the popularity of the new Forensic Sciences specialisation, part of the Biotechnology programme. The programme is jointly run with NHL university in Leeuwarden, and has attracted 122 students, half of whom are registered with VHL. / Korné Versluis