News - May 7, 2015

Student council opposes extension lecture hours

Linda van der Nat

The student council has spoken out against the possibility of evening lectures in Wageningen. The council fears that student life will be compromised when students have to be in the lecture rooms in the evening.

"An important part of what makes Wageningen to our beloved institution, are the many activities organized by the various student clubs," the student council wrote in a statement. "By using the lunch break or the evening for lectures, students cannot attend such activities anymore". The result is that students may not be able to broaden their horizons anymore, can no longer attend debates about social issues, or sharpen their professional skills, according to the council. "In short, evening lectures threaten the Bildung of students." The student council also thinks evening classes will have negative consequences for student sports associations and for students with a part-time job.

The student council responds to a statement by Tijs Breukink, member of the Executive Board, who said last week in Resource that broadening schedule times can be an inexpensive way to cope with the growth in student numbers. Breukink sees looming shortages on the budget, since the ministerial contribution to the university is not keeping pace with the increased number of students.

According to students of VeSte, CSF and S & I the university should look at the current use of classrooms. A tour of the classrooms in Forum showed that this use can be more efficient. "For a week we have looked at the availability of classrooms and saw that more than half was empty much of the day. We want the Executive Board to first consider the current availability before she focuses on evening lectures. "

The student council is not the only one who has spoken out against broader lecture hours. The WUR-council is critical as well.