News - March 29, 2011

Student council fears disruption in medical care

The university will from now on be referring students who are ill to the general practitioner. The Student Council laments the loss of the university doctor for students and is sceptical about future developments.

Students with health problems can from now on consult the deans, the student psychologist and the general practice of Van der Duin and Van Dinther at the Geertjesweg 5a in Wageningen. The position of university doctor will end with the retirement of André Godkewitsch from 1 April this year.
Godkewitsch will from then work for two sessions a week at the clinic of Van der Duin and Van Dinther, which provides Wageningen UR with specific workplace health care at a fee. The former university doctor will give advice on sickness and study extensions, discontinuation of study and study funds, and on study-related ailments such as RSI.
The vaccination centre, which has become independent in the meantime, will continue to provide medical care related to the tropics. The university will give students a maximum reimbursement of 100 euros for vaccinations related to their studies in other countries, an arrangement which the Student Council has fought for. Before this, vaccinations were given at cost price.
The Student Council has not yet approved the university's plans to dispose of the university doctor. 'We want to consider this carefully because this is an important issue', stresses Martijn Kuller, spokesperson for VeSte, one of the two parties of the Student Council. 'Everything was taken care of via the university doctor. Healthcare would now be scattered all over the place. The university doctor was able to point out problems and developments. For example, indications were given when students from certain countries were more prone to certain diseases, or of the risks of doing internships in certain countries. A general practitioner does not have such expertise', explains Kuller.
The Student Council is also apprehensive about the care for international students and for those with study-related problems. 'A general practitioner has only ten minutes at most for each patient.' The Student Council wants to continue having a say in changes in the health care of students and in the evaluation of the new regulations. 'We look at the future with a little bit of hope and a lot of apprehension', adds Kuller.