News - January 2, 2019

Student achievements in 2018, part 3: personal success (and a pool table)

Luuk Zegers

The end of the year draws close: it’s time for a review. In a miniseries in three parts, we look back at the greatest student achievements of 2018. Today part 3: personal achievements of enterprising students.

© Helena Ligthert

A first-year student’s writing debut

Geert van Zandbrink, who is now a second-year bachelor’s student of Economics and Policy, wrote a book on the Greek and Latin origin of Dutch words. As soon as he had accumulated sufficient credits in his first year to pass to the second, he dropped a number of subjects to fully focus on his writing debut. ‘I don’t feel guilty about it’, he tells Resource, because ‘it’s fine to skip a few courses for something one really likes. There are plenty of students who only got 42 credits and did not do anything useful with the rest of their time.’ Van Zandbrink has since picked up his programme again and also started as a blogger for Resource (blog in Dutch).

WUR student becomes student entrepreneur of 2018

The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) chose Fabian Lindner as the Dutch student entrepreneur of the year. The Italian is a master’s student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies and works at StartHub on Zzinga: his modern and fresh variant to one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world – mead.

© Roelof Kleis
© Roelof Kleis

As laureate, he will be travelling to Macao, China, to represent the Netherlands in de Global Awards in 2019. His creation can be tasted in Café Loburg, amongst others, and is available for sale at liquor store Woudenberg.

No pool table at uni? We’ll just arrange one

Small successes should also be celebrated. WUR students Monica van Leeuwen and Caroline Majoor got so hooked on pool during their exchange in England that they decided to put a pool table on campus. Can they just do that? Yes; after consulting with Facilities and Services, they were allowed to place one in The Spot.

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