Student - December 28, 2018

Student achievements in 2018, part 2: a great year for sports

Luuk Zegers

The end of the year draws close: it’s time for a review. In a miniseries in three parts, we look back at the greatest student achievements of 2018. Today part 2: sports achievements.

© Helena Ligthert

Great Dutch Student Championship (GNSK)

As the university was celebrating its centenary, this year’s GNSK was organised in Wageningen. With three disciplines making their debut (gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and the 1/8th triathlon) and a great ambiance, the tournament was a great success. Additionally, WUR’s student athletes took an amazing second place in the final ranking, and several individual achievements were set, such as by Julie von Grueningen in the triathlon.

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Students take over the Veluwe Run

Student of Forest and Nature Management Koen Jansen, 800-metre runner for Tartlétos and veteran of the Veluwe Run, decided to take on the organisation of the Veluwe Run 2018. The aim: get the dust off the classic relay race, and once again increase its popularity among students. A goal that was achieved, as more than twice as many students (article in Dutch) joined the raced as last year.

World Rowing Championships in Shanghai

Julian Bakker and Tijmen van Rietbergen with their gold medals in Coimbra. © Helen Harmsen
Julian Bakker and Tijmen van Rietbergen with their gold medals in Coimbra. © Helen Harmsen

Argo’s rowers also have had a great 2018. While most students were enjoying their summer holiday, a couple of rowers kept training (article in Dutch) for the World University Rowing Championships in Shanghai. Eventually, Argonauts Tijmen van Rietbergen and Arlette de Vegt ended in third and fifth place (article in Dutch), respectively, in various events. In July, Van Rietbergen also won gold at the European Student Championships (article in Dutch) in Coimbra, Portugal; a feat he achieved together with Julian Bakker.

Survival running club Woest

In late 2018, a spectacular newcomer appeared on the list of available sports in Wageningen. At survival running club Woest, interested people can take on a newly laid out obstacle course. Furthermore, there is some ‘intensive play’ during practice. According to newly appointed treasurer Roos van de Logt, survival running seems like it was designed for Wageningers. ‘It really is an outdoor sport. We run through woods and fields, and we encounter obstacles, often involving rope climbing, but also archery or kayaking. Add to that the elements: snow, rain, storm. Unless it’s code red, the run must go on. One should not be afraid of getting dirty.’

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