Organisation - May 3, 2019

Student Council elections: ‘Making laptops a requirement would be a bad idea’

Luuk Zegers

Elections for the Student Council of the university will be held from 20 May until 23 May. Resource introduces you to the lead candidates of the student parties. Today: Harm Ligtenberg (21), lead candidate of the Christian Student Party (CSF). ‘Evening lectures hamper social life and association activities; that is a growth-related issue.’

‘I’m in the third year of the Soil, Water and Atmosphere bachelor’s programme. So far, everything is going well, and the end is in sight. I thought to myself: if it continues like this, I may have finished studying in just over two years. That would be too early for me, so I looked around if there was anything else could do. That’s when the president of my association Dei Gratia called me asking if I wouldn’t want to be on the Student Council for CSF (Christian Student Group). I talked to former council members and learned more about the position. I soon realised that the Student Council is a great entity. Education is about students; it is important that they be given a voice.’

‘After three years in Wageningen, I know what it’s like to be a student here and what kind of issues people encounter. Through the Student Council, I can actively contribute to policy. CSF is a Christian party, of course, so we will always approach each topic from a Christian background.’

Evening lectures and study pressure
‘Wageningen is a top university, but some things still sting. Evening lectures, for example, which hamper social life and association activities. That is a growth-related problem. One also notices that study pressure is becoming an increasingly heavy topic. We need to start working on that.’

I do not think it would be a good development to burden students with the financial consequences of growth.

‘People speak of a new policy in which everyone would have to bring their own laptop to campus - Bring your own device. This is something I am very critical of and that I would like to prevent. I personally don’t have a device that I could bring. If I don't have one, there will probably be others who don't have one either. There should just be enough computers to work on. As a student without a laptop, such a device is also an additional expense. I do not think it would be a good development to burden students with the financial consequences of growth.’

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