Student - July 10, 2018

Student Alliance wants ticket sales point on campus

Luuk Zegers

Student Alliance Wageningen (SAW) has entered discussions with the province of Gelderland, the university and the transport companies in order to realise a sales point for bus tickets on campus.

© Luuk Zegers

As of 24 June, it is not possible to buy a ticket in the bus using cash anymore, only using a debit or credit card. The measure is meant to protect bus drivers from being held up and robbed. However, this can pose problems for international students as not all foreign cards are accepted.

But it is also difficult to buy a bus ticket with cash when not on the bus, says SAW chair Giulia Homs. ‘In Wageningen, the only possibility to do so is at the Primera in the town centre. That shop has limited business hours, and besides, most internationals are on campus or at the business park.’

Ticket machine
SAW and the university have therefore started looking for possibilities to start selling tickets at the AH to go or the WUR shop in Forum. ‘But the ideal solution would be a ticket machine that accepts cash’, says Homs. ‘A machine doesn’t have business hours.’