News - April 18, 2015

Sports card may cost 20 euros more

Linda van der Nat

The Executive Board has decided that the construction of the second sports hall is to go ahead. But the university’s annual budget cannot accommodate the running costs so it is looking into alternative ways of financing the centre, such as crowdfunding.

The board is also considering raising the price of the sports card. That would involve an increase of ten euros for the following academic year as the second sports hall will only be finished at the end of 2015 so students will only be able to use it for half of the year. Another tenner would be added on for the 2016-2017 academic year. Given the prices at other universities, ‘an increase to 94 euros a year still offers very good value for money,’ says the university.

The Student Council has a right of consent on this subject, which means that the university cannot implement its plans without the approval of the council’s members. Spokesman Sander Schalkx says the council does not object in principle to an increase in the price of sports rights but they do have questions. ‘We want to know what exactly the money will be spent on and whether employees will be contributing too.’

Photo: Sven Menschel