Student - December 15, 2015

Solar panels on Binnenveld

Roelof Kleis

It is not visible from the ground, because the roof is flat. Yet, there are 380 solar panels on top the student complex Binnenveld at the Haarweg. Enough for half of the electricity usage of the 150 rooms.

The complex turned out to be a promising option to generate solar power, according to a study by Wageningen UR. This study motivated Idealis to perform further investigation. The 380 panels produce about 90.000kWH of electricity per year. With this the complex produces roughly half of its own electricity consumption.

Idealis wants to self-generate ten percent of their electricity by 2018. By placing the panels on the Binnenveld a quarter of their ambition has been achieved, according to director Sylvie Deenen. ‘On the roofs of new complexes such as Rijnveste, Ben van Londenstraat and Bellostraat we have also installed solar panels and solar boilers. Unfortunately, other complexes are less suitable for this.’

The installation of solar panels is beneficial for the students. According to Deenen they are saving on housing costs. ‘Our tenants will notice this with the restitution of the service costs.’

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  • "helft van het energieverbruik"

    Er staat "helft van het energieverbruik" in de inleiding, maar het is de helft van het electriciteitsverbruik, zoals verderop staat. Dat is een belangrijk verschil: veruit de meeste energie gaat op aan verwarming, warm water etc, in de vorm van gas.
    Wat is trouwens een 'kamercomplex'? Een ander woord voor studentencomplex..?