Student - August 21, 2017

‘So many sports to choose from!’

Lotje Hogerzeil

Today is the fourth day of the Annual Introduction Days, during which new students discover Wageningen and the WUR. Who are these new faces? Tobia de Scisciolo (25) – half Italian, half Belgian – is having a great week. ‘My group is amazing. Even though we are from all over the world, we really understand each other. It feels like we’re a family.’

© Lotje Hogerzeil

Tobia is enjoying the AID a lot, but today he’ll go to Utrecht for a quick visit: he needs to see his best friend before he leaves for Copenhagen. Indeed: Wageningen is not his first place to call home in the Netherlands. He obtained his bachelor’s at Utrecht University College. After having worked for an Italian diving center for two years, he’s here now to do a masters in Aquaculture. He is very happy to be able to call Droevendaal his new home for the coming years. ‘I was lucky enough to take over a friend’s room here. No housing stress for me!’

My parents always told me: do something because you love it

Diving in Aruba
Tobia does miss the Italian sea. ‘It was hard to leave the underwater world to go back to uni again, but I am excited to start!’ He will not have to miss the water for too long, though. In November, he will go to Aruba to work at a diving center there. That’s how he will be spending his entire master’s: a few months of university, a few months of work. He doesn’t mind that his program will take longer this way. ‘My parents always told me: do something because you love it. I will not be able to focus on this study program if I won’t have some months of diving in between.’

Gymnastics and climbing
Tonight he will be back late for the night program. His favorite event of the AID? ‘I really liked watching The BFG last night. What a cute movie. And yesterday I felt terrible after all the partying, but I had a great the day at de Bongerd! So many sports to choose from. I can’t wait to try gymnastics and climbing.’