Student - August 17, 2018

Smash your trash!

Four ways we make sure the AID is sustainable

1. A flexitarian menu

Meatless Monday has long been a feature of the AID. But from this year, AID-goers, mentors and CREW members will have a new option besides ‘meat-eater’ and ‘vegetarian’ when they register. The ‘flexitarian’ option means you’ll go vegetarian for three of the six AID days. We all know by now that eating meat is bad for the environment. With the new flexi option we can reduce the environmental impact of the AID!

2. Sustainable merchandise

The AID bags are made of sustainable jute. And there are far fewer folders in the bags this year, which means less waste paper in the bins. You can buy an AID water bottle that you can fill up at one of the water dispensers. And you can buy an AID lunch box to put your leftovers in, and later your lunch.

3. Waste-sorting

There is no getting out of sorting your waste on the campus, and we do it at the AID too. The different containers are easy to recognize by their colour-coded signs. This will help you understand the waste disposal system at Wageningen University, making it easier for you to sort your waste correctly on campus later. And our ‘Smash your Trash!’ signs give people a little extra push towards sorting their waste.

4. Food Bank

All the still edible leftovers from the AID lunch will go to the Food Bank in Wageningen. That way we don’t have to throw away so much and we can do something for people who are less well-off.

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  • Rolf

    In de AID is de meatless day al jaren op de dinsdag, dus meatless Tuesday :-)
    Het is prachtig om te zien dat er heel veel AIDlopers voor die optie kiezen.