Student - September 12, 2013


Linda van der Nat

The story so far: Bianca is very active in the KSV; she is in a sorority and the introduction committee. The perfect place for someone who likes nothing better than to put people down.

‘OK, byee, I’m off!’
With a big wave Bianca rushed past the kitchen where Elise and Vera were just unpacking the shopping for the evening meal. Bianca heard them call ‘bye’ as she pulled the door shut.
She fiddled with her bike lock impatiently. She was much too late. The final part of the hazing process for candidate KSV members would take place tonight: invechten. The newbies would have to try to fight their way in against resistance from the whole society. Bianca straightened up her fighting jacket and cycled off.
She had not slept well the last few nights, preoccupied as she was with the hazing. It was not allowed to be called that, officially but that was what it was in fact. She giggled. As she pedaled her fastest towards the Stadsbrink, she thought about the tricks she had played on the newbies. The poor souls thought they were just going to a camp somewhere on the outskirts of Wageningen. A nice way to get to know each other better, a few games. Little did they know that they would hardly sleep a wink, would be shouted at incessantly and during the day would be forced to do heavy physical work.
She and her fellow committee members took great pleasure in giving the ones with the biggest mouths an especially hard time. One girl had refused to hand in the packed lunch she had made herself, so Bianca had smeared the chicken curry sandwich in her hair. Actually the rules were that you were not allowed to touch the suckers, but you should have seen that girl’s face when she got that yellow sludge all over her hair. It was worth a reprimand at the end just to see that. Hilarious! Bianca hoped she would come across the girl again during this evening’s fight. That was all part of the deal, after all. She was treated that way herself when she went through the initiation: she had to go through Cantil on her hands and knees.
It was still quiet at the KSV building, but Bianca knew they were erecting all sorts of barricades inside to keep back the new members. There would be planks on the stairs to turn them into a slide and upstairs all the members stood ready to throw masses of muck over the aspiring new members. She pulled open the door and ran inside. At the top of the staircase she saw a couple of excited fellow society members. ‘I’m coming!’ she screamed up at them. There were already planks on the stairs and her assumption that they had not yet been made slippery proved wrong. She got a couple of metres up thanks to her speed, but then she missed her footing and to her great distress felt her legs give way. She fell flat on her face and slid down to the bottom. She heard laughter from the top of the stairs, and nobody wanted to brave the slippery stairs to come to her aid. ‘Just lie there,’ someone joked. ‘You make a great extra barricade.’

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  • Spinoza

    Wat ik me af vraag, gezien ik kan begrijpen dat dit soort zaken over het algemeen liever intern worden gehouden;

    Dit populistische studentenblogje, vertelt Linda vanuit haar eigen ervaringen, maar dan onder een pseudoniem? Heeft 'Bianca' dit verhaal aan Linda verteld? Of is dit puur uit de duim gezogen danwel uit secundaire bronnen?

  • KNORjaegeR

    De boerenpummels hebben het beter voor elkaer dan die paapjes "van de aendere kant!"


  • Spijtknor

    Papa en mama zullen vast trots op me zijn!