News - March 3, 2016

Sixteen masters are top studies

Koen Guiking

The Keuzegids that was published on Wednesday labelled sixteen Wageningen master studies as ‘top studies’. That is one more than previous year.

Since Wednesday also the  Climate studies and International development studies are top studies. Organic agriculture on the other hand lost their top predicate. The shift is small however. Studies can call themselves ‘top’ if they receive a minimum of 75 (out of 100) points in the Keuzegids Masters. Organic agriculture received 76 points last year and 74 this year.

The Wageningen study program of which the students and education experts are least enthusiastic about is Landscape architecture and planning. It has been like this for years, therefore this year the study program was reformed. It will take a while before it is visible in the Keuzegids whether the changes had the desired impact. The scores in the guide are always partially based on the National Student Survey (in this edition scores from 2013, 2014 and 2015 were used) and on the expert opinion of the accreditation organization NVAO. Also this organization has not visited Wageningen since the beginning of the academic year.

Scores for each Wageningen study:

Scores for each study. Source: Keuzegids 2016.
Scores for each study. Source: Keuzegids 2016.

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