Student - January 27, 2018

Six students vlog for university's YouTube channel

Madhura Rao

Six students of WUR will post weekly videos for everyone studying, working, or planning to study at the university. They call themselves WURporters. An introduction video of Tessa, Lizzie, Em, Katinka, Janne and Tim was posted on the university’s YouTube channel WURTube on January 10th.

Besides the introductory video, four other videos have been posted on the channel introducing the team members individually. Em is from Los Angeles and is pursuing her master in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. Katinka is a 20-year-old bachelor student from the programme Food and Health. She introduces herself in Dutch and talks about her love for cooking, baking, and food. Tessa introduces herself as a 22-year-old master student from the Netherlands studying International Development. Lizzie is part Australian and part British. She follows the master programme Medical Biotechnology and has travelled around the world extensively. Introduction videos for Janne and Tim are awaited.

Lizzie says that she decided to become a WURporter because she wanted to dispel the notion that ‘there is nothing going on in Wageningen’. ‘I have found that if you stop, look around, and open your eyes, there is so much to be discovered. I hope to discover the vibrant culture and community of the university and beyond through film.’ She also hopes to interview some ‘revolutionary researchers’ because in her opinion, ‘it is a shame that their work can only be found in scientific journals’.

Through their videos, the reporters will provide viewers with insights and information regarding life in Wageningen. They also promise to offer some ‘tips and tricks for everything you need to know for studying at WUR’. Each reporter aims to produce two videos a month and therefore, viewers can expect a new video every week.