News - August 17, 2016

Shortage of rooms for students? Here are three cases

The international students are arriving this week in Wageningen to check in. Idealis is them with providing rooms. Do the students already have one? Resource investigates. Abadi Amare already had a room, Lucas Fonseca Lacerda has to wait till September 15th and Jamyang Tashi Wangdi is staying in a hotel room, waiting for a room to be allocated to him.

Abadi Amare from Ethiopia has just arrived at the flat on the Bornsesteeg whereIdealis is welcoming the new international students. He accepted a furnished room through the website of Idealis. ‘But when I arrived at Idealis, they thought the room was not furnished. I'm heading to my room in a bit with a van. I have no idea what to expect when I enter my room.'

Lucas Fonseca Lacerda from Brazil also has a room. ‘I arrived too soon though. Idealis has sent confirmation that I have a room two weeks ago. But I have to wait till September 15th to get the keys to my room.’ It's not a disaster for him. Lucarda is staying for the time being with fellow Brazillian students from his university who are also in Wageningen. He did manage to find a room for ten days till the end of August.

Jamyang Tashi Wangdi from Bhutan will be staying in a hotel room in Wageningen this week. ‘When I checked in with Idealis, I didn't have a room. I arrived yesterday and I was very worried, I did not know what was going to happen. This morning I found out that I've been offered a room when I looked in my mail. I can sign the contract this afternoon and on Friday I can pick up the key to the room.’

Wangdi is content with the allocation system for the rooms on the website of Idealis. 'The systems works well but you have to start early and always have internet access’, Wandi tells. ‘But I can imagine it can be very difficult to get a room If you don't have internet access. You have to be alert and very proactive in responding to the rooms.’ Amare also thinks the communication and website of Idealis are good. 'The system works. But I did miss a photo or a good description of my room on the website.’

Waiting list

Lacerda from Brazil does have some critique. ‘The information I got from idealis was good. But I could not respond to the rooms on the website of Idealis in the first ten days after I signed up. Being able to respond to ony 2 rooms a day was also disappointing. And the waiting lists are aweful. Sometimes I responded to a room and the website said I was ranked 5th or 6th. The next day I dropped to 80 or 90. I immediately accepted the first room I was offered. In hindsight it was better for me to wait, because now I don't have a room.’