News - January 15, 2015


Look at me
Men and women who put a lot of selfies online have narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies, says a study by Ohio State University. The researchers emphasize that selfie addicts are not necessarily narcissist or psychopaths as such. It’s all within the bounds of normal behavior. Makes you think though.


For Dutch women who have affairs, humor is the most important trait in their secret lover. So says research by the affair dating site Victoria Milan. Brazilian women

value skills in oral sex. The study doesn’t say what Dutch men are looking for in an affair. At a guess, it won’t be humor.


Pregnant? Stay out of the sun then. The lifespans of children born in a year with lots of solar activity (sunspots) are five years shorter on average. Meaning in this case that their chances of dying in the first two years of life are bigger. This finding comes from a study of old church archives. Scientists think UV radiation is to blame. Use plenty of sunscreen then!

Hold ’em

It was awaited and now it is there: a computer that plays poker better than a person. Canadian scientists at the University of Alberta have developed it for Texas Hold ‘em. The rogue can even bluff. Luckily though, so far the machine only wins if it is playing one person. So always play in a group. Too many uncertain factors confuse the computer.