News - April 15, 2010

Short News

by Alexandra Branderhorst, Roelof Kleis and Gaby van Caulil

VHL degree programme discontinued
The Executive Board has decided to discontinue the VHL Horticulture and Arable Farming degree programme in Wageningen. It was really already a dormant programme. The last intake of first-year students was in 2004/2005. VHL Leeuwarden still has a Horticulture and Arable Farming programme. Last year there were 14 first years. AB

Alumni society KLV's journal moves to Elsevier
From now on, the NJAS Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences will be published by Elsevier. The first issue, a special issue on growth models for crops, has already appeared. KLV had published the academic journal itself since 1952, and it will remain the owner. The partnership with Elsevier will mean a larger, more international network of authors, reviewers and readers. NJAS focuses on research looking at the interaction between the natural sciences and the social sciences. RK                   

Rheden wants a green knowledge centre
The Municipal Executive of Rheden wants the municipality to become a national knowledge centre for the green, i.e. nature, sector. This ambition to create a Green Valley was included in the Executive's agreement presented on 7 April. There are green-sector courses offered in Velp, in the municipality of Rheden, from the vocational secondary education level to the university of applied sciences level. The municipal government's intentions fit with the aim of Wageningen UR's Executive Board to create a Nature Valley around Larenstein in Velp. AB
>> 20,000 STUDENTS
Ideas for strategic plan made public
In 2020 VHL should be ranked among the top ten best universities of applied science in Europe and Wageningen University should be ranked among the top fifty universities in the world. And there should then be twenty thousand students. These are some of the ideas for the new strategic plan. All the documents can be found at GvC