News - November 22, 2018

Shopping, eating cake and singing for a good cause

Luuk Zegers

Next week, Wageningen Red Cross student desk will be collecting for the Serious Request fundraising campaign. ‘You can do your bit all week in a fun way, for example by shopping or requesting pop songs,’ explains Health & Society student Nina Jager, who is one of the organizers. ‘You will be helping protect people from natural disasters.’

© Serious Request

Each year, the students of Wageningen Red Cross take part in Serious Request, a nationwide campaign in which DJs raise as much money as possible for charity. There are three charitably causes this year: emergency aid in wars and conflicts, resuscitation in the Netherlands and protection from natural disasters. Jager: ‘We chose protection from natural disasters because that cause is closest to Wageningen’s mission.’

Resuscitation course
Serious Request will take place in the week before the Christmas holidays but that is exams week here. ‘That’s why we are already holding our campaign in the week of 26 November,’ says Jager. There will be a fundraising event every afternoon and evening of that week. ‘For example, a clothes market, a resuscitation course, a pub quiz and a party. We will also be selling cakes, collecting empty beer crates from student houses and running a lottery with great prizes, such as a subscription for the Swapfiets bike scheme.’

commissie rode kruis.jpg

The Wageningen Red Cross students. © Wageningen Red Cross Studentendesk

Last year, the Wageningen students raised around 3900 euros. Jager: ‘Of course we’d like to better that this year.’ On 23 December, the Red Cross student desk will hand over the money they raised to a Serious Request DJ team visiting Wageningen.

The programme for the actionweek is shown at the flyer below this text. For the latest updates, take a look at the Facebook page of the Wageningen Red Cross student desk.