News - December 17, 2015

Serious Requests campaign raises more than two thousand euro

Linda van der Nat

The Studentdesk of the Red Cross in Wageningen has raised more than two thousand euro during their fundraising campaign.

It is a preliminary amount, Hedy te Rietmole of the Student desk emphasizes, because money that students have transferred by bank has not yet been added to this sum. ‘But we were already really happy with the 2082 euro that we could announce at the final party. We had expected to raise a lot less money, so this is great.’

Last year the Student desk started with a first fundraiser for the yearly event. During that day a total of 1300 euro was donated by students and employees. This year a whole week was dedicated to Serious Request. Besides other things they organized live radio on the stage in Forum, where students could request songs in exchange for a donation, an obstacle run on campus and a band night in Orion. ‘It was a lot of hassle and stress, but it all went well and we had many positive responses.’

On the 22nd of December all the students of the Student desks throughout the Netherlands will go to Het Glazen Huis (The glass house) in Heerlen to donate the money that they raised. Hedy: ‘I will travel from my thuisthuis (parent’s house) which is a four hour journey. But I would gladly do it because it is nice to be able to show what you have raised.’