News - January 6, 2010



Over the past few years I've enjoyed going to an Irish or sports pub during Rugby season to watch games. It's a great excuse to drink Guinness and meet civilized sports' fans (no offence, footballers).

A pub rugby crowd is really nice and it includes both foreigners and locals, all equals in their support of the game and in Guinness downing. An Irish pub at rugby time is in my experience a really hectic, busy, fun and loud place.
I was a little surprised when I entered a Wageningen pub on a Saturday rugby-afternoon to find only a dozen people there. They were great and all part of the Wageningen Rugby team: which I thought had to be real fans of the game. I expected the less fanatic Rugby enjoyers would turn up for the evening's Big Game, but low and behold: the rugby team itself, when 6 o'clock struck, before the real thing even began, went home for dinner: Dutchness won over sport rowdiness!  /Andrea Downing,  PhD Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group