News - November 10, 2015

Room service was sensual and intimate

Twan van der Slikke

Wageningen student rooms were transformed to small theatres on the 5th of November. It was the ninth edition of Room service, organized by Studium Generale.

Photo: Sven Menschel

Sitting, lying or standing in the improvised setting the music, dance, cabaret, stories and poems were enjoyed. After each performance the road continued on bike or on foot to the next location. There was a belly dance show by Amarah Ates with stirring oriental music, the audience clapped along to the rhythm of the dancer’s hips. The atmosphere in the next round was subdued. Sanne Rambags, playing guitar, got the visitors quiet with her self-written songs. Couples held each other closer as Sanne feelingly sang her last word, so soft that you could hear the raindrops striking the roof. When she was done a loud applause was heard in the small room.

Room service was sold out with about 400 visitors. ‘People were ordering tickets from abroad. The international students wanted to be there so badly that they even went to Dutch shows’, said Wiebe Aans from Studium Generale.