News - November 1, 2012

Revolutionary art

What? Exhibition: Point of No Return
Where? Former Entomology/ Phytopathology building, Binnenhaven 7
When? 2 to 21 November, Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 to 17.00.
Cost: free

The Maya calendar is due to end soon and that will be the end of us all. At least, if we are to believe the prophets of doom who ascribe great meaning to the stone. But fortunately all that baseless chatter has produced something worthwhile too. It inspired the Wageningen Platform for Professional Artists to create an exhibition about tipping points and revolutions.
From 2 November you can see how local artists portray these Points of No Return. There will also be a lecture on ecological tipping points by Professor Marten Scheffer (30 November) and a chance to see revolutionary techniques such as three-dimensional printing in action (16 November). The exhibition will be in the remnants of the former Entomology/ Phytopathology building which were saved from demolition because of a distinctive mosaic, which can also be admired at the exhibition.
As for the prophecies of doom, the organizers seem to be playing it safe. It ends on 21 December, the day before the predicted apocalypse. Don't expect an extension.