News - November 4, 2011

Resource wins Gouden Luis

Resource is being hailed as the best journalistic medium in higher education. This Wageningen UR magazine is the winner of the 'Gouden Luis in de Pels 2011' prize.

We've got it! Several Resource editorial team members with jury chairman Rogmans in their midst.
Editor-in-chief Gaby van Caulil received the prize, a 500-euro cheque and a gold-coloured 'cup bearing those big ears', in Amsterdam on Thursday evening. This was the third time the prize was awarded.  Anyone who has a copy of Resource can sense that its makers love their job', was the praise heaped on the magazine's editorial team by Dolf Rogmans, chairman of the judges and editor-in-chief of the journalistic magazine Villamedia.
Pat on the back
'Resource breathes', according to Rogmans 'all the elements for which Wageningen UR is known for. The love for science and the role science plays in the world are integrated into the magazine. Resource has a very clear editorial formula which is being followed through consistently.'
Editor-in-chief Van Caulil says the prize is a nice 'pat on the back' and a sign of support. According to him, it can be rather difficult to remain autonomous when under pressure, being a part of the communication services of Wageningen UR.
Good reporting
Resource succeeds Univers (Tilburg), prize winner for the past two years. The prize (literally 'golden louse in the fur') was introduced in 2008 by the management of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to draw attention to the importance of good and independent journalistic reporting in applied sciences universities and universities. Its own Folia magazine received the first Luis at the occasion of its 60 th anniversary. Besides Resource, other magazines nominated for the prize this year were Folia, EM (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and EUB (Utrecht University).
Typical Dutch
Other than the main prize, a prize for the best production was also awarded. In this category, Rotterdam won for 'the best issue ever plagiarized', a EM summer issue full of popular sections from national newspapers and magazines. Resource earned a nomination for its Typical Dutch column. The prize for the best design was not awarded this year as the judges could not come to a unanimous decision.
The nominations for the various prizes were submitted by a student panel of judges. Subsequently, a professional panel picked the winners. The professionals were - besides chairman Rogmans - Sebastian Hamelers (chairman, Intercity Student Council) and Pieter Gerrit Kroeger (ScienceGuide).