Organisation - April 1, 2016

Researcher bids farewell with ride in giant truck

Rob Ramaker

This morning a huge American truck drove on campus. The ride was a farewell gift for the ‘tough toxicologist’ Joop van der Roest.

Photo's: Guy Ackermans


At the food safety institute Rikilt a special company car was driving on campus. The truck – among the experts known as Kenworth W900A – came for Joop van der Roest, researcher for the toxicology department of Rikilt, who is retiring.

The ride was a fitting farewell gift for their ‘tough’ colleague says initiator Gijs Kleter. He likes to cross with four wheel drives and to cross the Rijn with a speedboat. He is also known for his many tall stories – for example about a strangle snake – with which he returned after the courses he gave abroad.