News - June 21, 2016

Reprieve for Duivendaal main building

Roelof Kleis

The former administrative headquarters of Wageningen UR in the town centre is to remain. The building, now a student residence, is to have a place at the heart of new development at Duivendaal. Hotel and conference centre Hof van Wageningen, on the other hand, is down for partial demolition.

These plans for the development of Duivendaal were presented yesterday evening in Hof van Wageningen. There is a surprise element in the plans now that they include the nearby park where hotel Hof van Wageningen is located. Only the heart of the hotel with its tall tower block will be kept, while the long ‘banana’ extension will disappear. This will create space to extend the existing park. The hotel will gain space too by building a second tower block. Some of the new residential development in the Duivendaal plan will be located next to the hotel on the west side. To the east of the hotel there will be a multi-storey carpark.


Hitherto, the plans for the actual Duivendaal compound did not include space for the existing head office building. But the planners, including Wageningen UR, have had second thoughts, partly because Wageningen UR would like to keep the building for student housing. 180 students have been living in the building, managed by STW Nederland, since 2013. Around the edge of Duivendaal there will be new buildings of between two and six storeys. The existing listed buildings will be a prominent part of the design. The urban development plan still awaits approval by the mayor and councillors. Only then does it go to the board.

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