News - December 13, 2007

Reflecting on humanity in the relaxation room

The Student Council has asked the Wageningen UR Executive Board for a silence and relaxation room in Forum. According to the council, students ‘yearn for a silent place to sit and reflect about the values of life’.

In the Student Council’s opinion students have a busy life. So busy that even their spare time is taken up with studying, doing assignments and sitting on the board of student associations. They have become ‘academic robots, remote-controlled by class schedules spread from the first to the eighth floor’, the chairperson of the Student Council writes in a letter to the Executive Board.

At present, students who want to escape the maelstrom for a moment have no opportunity to do so, except perhaps in the toilet, café or library. But, according to the council, these are not places where you can find real peace.

The university should make a room available where ‘Muslim students can go during Ramadan to pray, where intellectuals reflect on humanity, where students can have a power nap to be fully prepared for their afternoon session of classes.’ A number of other universities already have a silence room.