News - December 7, 2018

Record number of much-cited researchers

Roelof Kleis

Nineteen Wageningen researchers can currently consider themselves top scientists, going by the list of Highly Cited Researchers 2018 recently published by Clarivate Analytics.

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Never before has WUR had so many researchers on the list. The 19 Wageningen scientists are in the top one per cent in their scientific field when it comes to citations of their work over a period of 10 years.

Last year, there were nine WUR researchers on the list, but the top-scoring microbiologist Willem de Vos was missing because he operates on the cutting edge of several different disciplines. Now an additional category has been added – cross-field researchers – and this has panned out well for WUR. Seven of the 19 top Wageningen scientists come under this new category.

Highly Cited Researchers at WUR 2018:

Frans Bongers
Harro Bouwmeester
Stan Brouns
Vincenzo Fogliano
Marianne Geleijnse
Ken Giller
David Kleijn
Bart Koelmans
Lourens Poorter
Marten Scheffer
Bart Thomma
Richard Visser
Rudolf de Groot
Willem de Vos
Jan Willem van Groenigen
Martin van Ittersum
Egbert van Nes
John van der Oost
Wim van der Putten

Source:: Highly Cited 2018