Student - November 25, 2015

Quarter of international students finds work here

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau,Koen Guiking

A quarter of the international students that study in the Netherlands has a job five years later in the Netherlands. This was reported by the Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Photo: Matt Cline

A few years ago the politicians were muttering about international students in the Dutch higher education: why should the Netherlands pay for their education? But the complaints silenced when the it was shown how much benefit these students have for the Netherlands. Even if three percent of the international students would stay to work here, it would yield profit for the treasure, as was calculated by the CBS at the time.

Graduated international students from Wageningen University also often find a job in the Netherlands. Silvia Blok, from alumni bureau KLV, has figures on the number of people working until one and a half year after graduation. ‘From the group of graduated Wageningen internationals with a job, it is seen that 31percent works one to one and a half year in the Netherlands after graduating. For the Western graduated people, without a Dutch nationality, the number is at 37 percent, for the not western graduated it is 24 percent. Blok adds that Wageningen graduates with a Dutch nationality 89 percent works in the Netherlands, one to one and a half year later.

From the figures of the CBS it is also found that one third of the Dutch people that study abroad, also work abroad five years after graduation.

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