Organisation - November 10, 2017

Province puts aside half million for WUR anniversary

Vincent Koperdraat

The province of Gelderland is putting aside 500,000 euros for a contribution to the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research. It has been included in the province’s budget for 2018.

On 9 March 2018, it will be exactly 100 years ago that WUR was founded. To celebrate this, the university has created a programme of activities with over 40 projects. The events will last until November and include conferences, both more scientifically focused and on the UN’s sustainable development goals. An international alumni event is also planned, as are a company day, various interactions with the municipality and the region, lectures and Student Challenges.

People, resources and money are required to realise these activities. WUR covers a large part of the financing. Besides a sum that has been made available by the Executive Board, the Sciences Groups also make contributions. However, the latter will not do so in cash, but in-kind, by providing people and resources. A third flow for the financing is through sponsors and other stakeholders, which includes the province.

‘We are very happy that the province sets aside half a million in their budget’, says WUR spokesperson Simon Vink. ‘All the news in various media would almost suggest that we can already see the money being transferred to our bank account. This is not the case, however, as the money has been reserved for now. This means that we have to apply for subsidy and that the province will assess our application as it does with all others.’

Marga Nijenhuis, spokesperson for deputy Jan Markink: ‘The main goal for the province is the exposure of Wageningen University & Research. It is a renowned institute with a global presence. At the same time, WUR is an important local link and functions as an attracting force for other companies and organisations that want to settle in Wageningen.’

WUR and the province are meant to discuss the application as soon as possible.

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  • Sietze Leenstra

    Het is zeer terleurgestellend dat de gepensioneerde v.d.WUR weer vergeten worden bij groot feest.
    De meeste gepensioneerde zijn zeer gefrustreerd dat door de WUR zo met gepensioneerde wordt om gegaan.

    Wij gaan ook de pers benaderen betref gepensioneerd belijd WUR .

    Hoogachtend:Sietze Leenstra .