News - August 25, 2016

Preparations underway for centennial celebrations

What do you do on an anniversary event? You get a group photo taken. Wageningen University may be getting just such a snapshot for its centennial celebrations: a large photo of all its staff with a zoom option. The group photo is one of the promising ideas on the list for the celebration of 100 years of Wageningen University, due to take place between 9 March and 11 November 2018.


Must haves

Calls for ideas on social media and elsewhere resulted in 238 submissions and 210 unique ideas for the centennial celebrations, says Centennial project manager Geurt Heimensen. The ideas were divided into eight categories and a steering group headed by President of the Executive Board Louise Fresco selected the most promising submission per category.

The massive staff photo was one of them. According to Heimensen, the intention is that a photo will be taken from above with such a high resolution that it will be possible for everyone to find their own face by zooming in. Wageningen UR will also explicitly be seeking to link up with the local community, for example by organizing projects with primary schools in the region.

Of course there will be parties too, with a gala event and a huge joint party for staff and students. Activities will also be organized for alumni, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In sports, an attempt will be made to organize a challenge along the lines of the famous Solar Challenge. Wageningen will also be hosting the Great Dutch Universities Championship (GNSK) in 2018.


Heimensen says the gifts category is looking a little sparse, so ideas on that front are still welcome. There is still no Centennial bread or beer in the pipeline, for example.

The centennial celebration will be getting its own logo and slogan. What that will be has yet to be announced.