Student - February 13, 2014

Possible rooms in Computechnion

Roelof Kleis

Foundation for temporary accommodation Stichting Tijdelijk Wonen wants to make the Computechnion habitable for students.

There is a possibility that STW Netherlands will create 80 to 100 student units in the Computechnion on the old Dreijen campus. But the plan will only go ahead if the building is not needed for educational purposes, says Eise Ebbelink, head of real estate at Facilities and Services. At present the ICT department is still housed in the Computechnion. It will shortly be moving to the new campus at De Born, to share the old wing of Actio with the rest of Facilities and Services.

STW organized the temporary accommodation in the old administrative headquarters at Duivendaal. When this complex was opened in August last year, STW expressed the wish to do more in Wageningen. According to Ebbelink there were other candidates for the Compu­technion, but STW came up with the best plan. It is still not clear whether it will be implemented, however. Ebbelink: ‘We have not yet allocated it because the study on the growth in student numbers has to be finished first. I expect clarity on that around the middle of this year.’ STW Spokesperson Pim Koot says the building will be vacated by early November at the earliest. The ‘housing contractor’ Plegt-Vos from Oldenzaal then still needs to renovate the building. The earliest students will be able to move into it will be the start of next year.