News - December 10, 2015

Possible pilot for evening lectures next autumn

Linda van der Nat

The university wants to look into the possibility of piloting evening lectures next September. This wish was expressed in a letter from the Executive Board to the Student Council. It is not yet certain whether the pilot will happen as the Student Council has the right of veto.

The university sees evening lectures as an important means of coping with growing student numbers in the next few years. In the letter the Executive Board says it would like to work with students and staff to come up with an evening timetable that is acceptable to all parties. The pilot is intended to help with this. Which courses will be involved, until what time lectures will run, and how many days a week they will be held, is not clear yet.

To create a flexible evening timetable the current timetables would need adjusting first. Currently the day is divided into four teaching blocks, starting at eight thirty and ending at six o’clock. The Executive Board is working on a proposal for having some students start a quarter of an hour earlier, while others go on a quarter of an hour longer. Facilities & Services is investigating the consequences of this for staff, IT support and catering. The Executive Board will decide in May whether to go ahead with the pilot.

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