Student - February 13, 2014


The story so far: Since Vera got turned down by flatmate Derk, she has become the resident femme fatale.

‘Well? How do I look? Good enough for De Bunker?’
Vera whirled into the living room. Derk gave an appreciative wolf whistle and Willem-Jan grinned lecherously. Vera eyed her reflection in the mirror with satisfaction. The skirt looked great on her and the top was sexy.
‘This is going to be my night, guys, I can just feel it.’
‘You will keep away from that pole, won’t you? You might come to grief again,’ called Willem-Jan cheekily as she ran off downstairs.
It was busy in the Dijkgraaf flats bar when Vera and her friend Marit arrived, and the music was loud. ‘Shot?’ cried Marit in her ear. Vera gave an excited nod. ‘Make it two. And a beer.’ She was in the mood for dancing and that always went better with a bit of alcohol inside her.
After yet another shot and two more beers, Vera was in a fantastic drunken trance. Against her better judgement, she approached the pole. She simply could not resist the temptation — not for the first time. But she noticed that her moves were getting some serious approval this time. People were enthusiastically pointing, cheering and whistling. It seemed her outfit was having the intended effect, she concluded with satisfaction as she did another turn round the pole while giving a suitably sultry look. And another, and yet another, until Marit firmly dragged her off it and guided her to the exit.
The next day, Vera didn’t get up until the afternoon. Her flatmates watched her in amusement as she came into the living room, all hung over. ‘You’ve already got a hundred likes on Facebook,’ smirked Willem-Jan. ‘I told you to keep away from that pole.’ Bianca and Derk could hardly contain their laughter.
Vera looked at them in confusion as she fumbled for her mobile in her dressing-gown pocket. Then she put her hand to her mouth in shock when she realized why her pole dancing had attracted so much attention yesterday.  It had nothing to do with her moves or her sexy outfit. After a visit to the Ladies, she had inadvertently tucked her skirt into her knickers. And some smartarse had then taken a photo and posted it on Facebook. Vera groaned.

Bianca laughed: ‘It really was your night, wasn’t it Vera?’