Student - October 10, 2013

Plan for Safer cycle route to cam­pus

Roelof Kleis

Municipal council wants safe route through Tarthorst.
Success for Student Council protests.

The Wageningen municipal council has decided to tackle the traffic problems in the Tarthorst district at the same time as the planned construction of the raised bicycle roundabout for the Bornsesteeg. A motion to do this proposed by D66 councillor Peter Veldman (himself a student at Wageningen University) was carried by a comfortable majority in the last council meeting. That is a modest success for the Student Council and VeSte.

In the spring, there were various protests aimed at drawing attention to the dangerous cycle routes to campus. Of particular concern are the routes from the town centre and the Haarweg to the campus. The two routes merge in the Tarthorst neighbourhood and at the crossing from Nijenoord Allee to Bornsesteeg. There is so much traffic that it leads to bicycle queues, delays and unsafe situations. In the municipality’s new mobility plan, the Bornsesteeg bottleneck will get priority.

A split-level crossing will be built, with the Nijenoord Allee at a lower level. There will be a roundabout above the road on which cyclists get priority. The plan will cost six million euros. Construction is scheduled for 2015 at the earliest. The council wants this to bring about radical improvements to the traffic situation in the Tarthorst at the same time.